Monday, October 01, 2012

Interview: Miss Special x J. Good

Right after releasing his latest project "Bluffington High", J. Good skyped with Miss Special to speak about all things related to it. He explains the idea behind it, the development of Douglas Pinderhughes; a mix of cartoon Doug Funny and Duncan Pinderhughes from "Class Act", and why he chose to carry on this character from his last project "The Journal of Douglas Pinderhughes". He also spoke about the viral secrets he created for that project that were inspired by "Cloverfield", as well as where to find them.

In addition, he spoke about collaborating with Vancouver's Peril Threads and the idea behind the t-shirt design. He also talked about the features on the project including producers Abjo and Jordan Nakanishi, and emcees Co$$, King Mez, TBC's Konkwest and Dceased, Chuuwee, Haz Solo, and Keno. He also gave an update on the T.U.S project and The Avengers project.

Upcoming he has projects with J. Lately, French producer Oster, Virginia producers JM Productions, a full length with Jackson Nakanishi, and 16 year old New York producer Nazzy which might be the soundtrack of his black exploitation film.

(via @MiSS1SPECiAL)

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