Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Download: DNH - "40's and Cheesecake"

New music from a couple of heads of out CT from Details and Rob Holcomb, also known as DNH. It's all free so definitely check it out and download it! Peep Details detailing what the album is about.

Here's a quick breakdown.
Track 1 - That’s for my jailbirds, our trouble makers, the kids throwing glass at the axe factory windows.
Track 2 - For the Odd Future fans who expect a little more depth. And for Joey Batts to just steal the show.
Track 3 - It's called Suburbia. Cuz it’s for suburbia.
Track 4 - Dunno bout Rob Holcomb but verse 2 for me was for a majority of the acts in Connecticut. You can be pretentious but have some respect for your people.
Track 5 - Dutch Vega, I figure you might like this one for some reason. We made it cuz we're already so cool, no?
Track 6 - Any Immortal Technique fans?
Track 7 - We're aware of who's trying to sell out and who actually might, but how does that make one feel?
Track 8 - For my drinkers and smokers who drive and the feeling behind it.




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