Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Download: Mr. Ivory Snow - "#CHIANNE"

Some people disappear from the social networking world, some people go on a tirade on them, and others decide to use their craft to get over a breakup. Mr.Ivory Snow decided to use the latter. He gives us the story behind #CHIANNE here so check it out then hit play at the jump. Definitely some unique remixes here.

#CHIANNE is a project based on a recent break up that I had a couple of weeks ago. Usually when dealing with a break up I would write a number of songs inspired by all of those moments but instead I wanted to take a different approach. This is the first project where I'm relying on my beats to tell the story of my previous relationships because I feel sometimes there aren't enough words to describe how you feel. So what better to do it than to create instrumentals based around those moments. The acapellas on each beat are used to keep it "rapper resistant". So for all the listeners, the artist used for the mash-ups do not represent those emotions as described on the track list. I used the color yellow because that was her favorite color and it represents her impatience & criticism that she had towards my goals & dreams. Nonetheless, I hope everyone enjoys this project.

P.S. For everyone who has listened and supported the project, please use the #CHIANNE hashtag. Thank you.

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