Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Hip Hop Evolution Continues...

Mr. G.A.T. and Sinsay
SOB’s has always been a place where legendary stuff goes down. Music is an important part of SOB’s and when you think of that place, you think of epic events. The “ReBirth of Hip Hop Show” sponsored by LD Entertainment did not disappoint. Power 105’s own Cherry Martinez and Blogzilla (Global Grind) were holding the audience down in between acts. The line-up was heavy, boasting underground artists soon to be featured on MTVJams (a-hem *clears throat* Fred the Godson), it was a day for movements and progress. Smokes (from Wisconsin), G Swagger, Catalyst, Quesfire, Mr. G.A.T., Sinsay, Mysonne, Serius Jones, Tone Trump (with a special freestlye from Murda Mook) and Fred the Godson were all responsible for knocking down the stage that night.
F.C.E. Artist G Swagg
LD Entertainment Artist Ques
LD Entertainment is sitting on a lot of projects to be heard. Sinsay’s “The Transition” is a certified banger. Due out this month, I already have my copy so I will be sharing. Fellow Bronx Noisemakers Mr. G.A.T., Quesfire, Fred the Godson and Mysonne all represented their borough well, blessin’ the stage and executing their performances with precision. Queens was well represented with F.C.E. artist G Swagg, who can spit fire with or without a beat. Smokes started the show with crazy energy. He had a great show presence but, New York is a tough crowd. It is always a blessing to hear good music coupled with talent. My ears appreciate and look forward to every project that these artists put out. For more information on any of the artists above, check out , , , , ,
Fred the Godson

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