Sunday, August 01, 2010

Listen To This: @RockyKnuckles

Y'all know I stick mainly with the R&B as far as blogging goes, but I've been wanting to write about Rockwell Knuckles for weeks. I'm a big fan of Hip Hop and the first time I heard Rockwell, I absolutely fell in love. There are very few times I openly admit to "stanning" for an artist, but his music is worth it. When I listen to Hip Hop, just like I do with R&B, I listen for certain elements of the track and the artist, i.e. cadence, lyrical content, track quality, etc. Rockwell did it all. What I first picked up on was his cadence and how he delivered his flow. He has such a distinctive voice, that if you heard any of his songs you would immediately know it was him. He has a deeper tone to his voice with a bit of an edge and a splash of grittiness. One song in particular that I was actually turned on to by a friend was "Government Name (Spontaneous Lover)." At first, I didn't know what to expect from the track especially since I hear a lot of tom foolery, but "Government Name" is a well thought out and structured track from the production on down to the lyrical content.

"Messages" is my second favorite song. Who doesn't love an intelligent, conscious lyricist? I know I do, and this song reflects what kind of Hip-Hop I love to support: the kind that has meaning and tells a story. The kind of Hip-Hop that truly keeps it real.

"Universes are connected. Mother Earth's been disrespected. How do you think we are not affected? It's... messages sent from God."

Hailing out of St. Louis, Missouri, Rockwell Knuckles is one of those talented artists that don't come around often and that you definitely don't want to sleep on. He has a unique sound that can easily compete and win out against artist we hear in mainstream Hip-Hop. I, personally, will be keeping up with Rockwell for new projects and any other features he may make. Stay up with him.

Here is "Government Name" and "Messages." Enjoy!

<a href="">Government Name (Spontaneous Lover) by Rockwell Knuckles</a> To find out what else Rockwell Knuckles is up to, visit his Myspace Music page and follow him here: Follow: Follow the madness: Check out more from The Mad Bloggers Image Courtesy of River Front Times

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