Friday, February 25, 2011

Check It ... Venomous 2000 The Ultra Emcee and DJ Priority - "Fresh Amazingly"

Checked the inbox to find DJ Priority hitting us up with this project. Him and Venomous 2000, both out of my birth state New Jersey, come strong on this album with a style your speakers and ears are gonna dig. I've added two videos here, with Amazingly Fresh being one of my favorite cuts off the album. I definitely enjoy this entire joint. Support. Check it out.

01. Fresh (Intro)
02. The Takeoff
03. Five On The Black Hand Side
04. Hip Hop Does This (Feat. Cymarshall Law)
05. Sparkle (Feat. Twilight, Phonetic & Skitzo)
06. Soul Sensation (Feat. M Josephine)
07. Omni-Dimensional
08. Where Have You Gone (Feat. Twilight)
09. Rhymes Could Do It Right (Feat. John Robinson, Tah Phrum Duh Bush
& Thaione Davis)
10. Amazingly Fresh
11. Yes
12. Better Than Blues (Feat. Realeyez Mystic, Marie Kanu & Silent Knight)
13. If (Feat. L.I.F.E. Long)
14. Emcees Ultra (Feat. Tone Liv, Respect Tha God, Rhymageddon, Sol
Zales, Poet Substratum, Fenalm, KON & Juga-Naut)
15. Life
16. Alien As I (Outro)

You can find the album on Itunes here for purchase -->

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