Monday, February 14, 2011

Download ... Cyclonious - "Escape To Reality"

Got this in the inbox. Definitely a different sound and I was digging it. Read about the Cyclonious and then make sure you click the link for the free download.

With Escape To Reality, Cyclonious - The Natural Disaster has created a mixtape that will bring an adventure to your eardrums. With a history of lyrical artistry and intense street knowledge, this new musical creation is a must for any true hip hop fan. While observing the hip hop scene, Cyclonious decided to provide the masses with a solid mixtape covering all ground, the result being Escape To Reality. His inspiration came from the title, wanting to make honest music that pulled no punches and told it at it is. Like a shot of truth serum, Tracks like 'Guard Your Grill' and 'Against The Beast' are examples of that unapologetic and infectious sound. Cyclonious' hip hop background includes producing and writing some of the most underrated UK hip hop. On anything from relationships to addressing social commentary, his delivery is always sharp street poetry. Many people want to live in a fantasy. it's time to Escape To Reality! This is quality UK Rap with essence. Please support!!!

01. Cyclonious - Escape To Reality (Intro)
02. Cyclonious - Guard Your Grill
03. Cyclonious Feat Duby & Opio Omega - Ain't Fucking With Me
04. Cyclonious - Raise It Up
05. Cyclonious - I'm So Raw
06. Cyclonious - Who Do You Think Your Fooling
07. Cyclonious - Here We Go
08. Cyclonious - Verbal Affairs
09. Cyclonious Feat Ferrare Symone - Sunshine
10. Cyclonious Feat Shizzle & Benji - Moral Of The Story (Remix)
11. Cyclonious - Gone Baby, Dont Be Long
12. Cyclonious Feat Big Cakes & Nate - Never Again
13. Cyclonious - Let It Flow In You
14. Cyclonious Feat JayJay - Do It Yourself
15. Cyclonious Feat Nate and JayJay - Against The Beast
16. Cyclonious Feat Big Cakes - Herbs
17. Cyclonious Feat Tuberculosis and Omega - What The Game Needs
18. Cyclonious - Bury

Download Link:
Cyclonious - Escape To Reality

Check out the video for Cyclonious Feat Nate and JayJay 'Against The Beast'

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