Sunday, February 27, 2011

Interview: Ritchcraft talks 30 in 30 x Day 15: Baby I Don't Wanna Dance

About a month or so ago Halifax, Canada producer Ritchcraft told me about his ambitious project to put out 30 beats in 30 days (30 in 30) as a lead up to his visit to South By Southwest (SXSW) this year. Simply put, he wanted to introduce more folks to his production style to lay down a bit of a foundation for his trip to Texas to network and connect when music makers from around the world descend on Austin.

I thought the concept was dope.

So, The Mad Bloggers being longtime supporters of Ritchcraft's work were committed to a post per day to share his beats. I haven't been disappointed yet. The kid is talented.

15 days in with 15 days to go, I sat down with Ritchcraft to talk about the project a little bit. Check out our Q&A and day 15's video after the jump.

ThroatChop: Be honest, how many people called you crazy when you said you were gonna drop a beat a day for 30 days?

Ritchcraft: Not many people actually called me crazy. I wish they did, (it) would have given me incentive to laugh in their face after I did it. Unfortunately I won't have a chance to do that but anyone who's reading this who wants to call me crazy, feel free to do it and I will feel free to laugh in your face (laughs).

ThroatChop: Why 30 days?

Ritchcraft: A full month seemed more impressive than ten days or twenty days, and it gives people who are late on checking it out enough time to see the last ten or fifteen beats. If I was able to have 24/7 inspiration, I would have made it 365 in 365 (laughs). Unfortunately that would probably drive me insane, so I'll just keep it at 30. Also I did it to build hype before I head down to SXSW on March 14th. My plan is to possibly hook up with some big names and make connections with artists who have similar musical aspirations.

ThroatChop: What's the reaction been to the series so far?

Ritchcraft: Very good, and the following is getting bigger each day. Fortunately for me, my fans never seem to hate on my beats, which is a great motivator.  A lot of big sites have been following it as well, most notably, of course, The Mad Bloggers (laughs). Other sites including Kevin Nottingham, Potholes In My Blog, Pigeons and Planes, and many others have been keeping up with it as well. So overall I've been very satisfied.

ThroatChop: Why did you decide to do vids instead of setting up a bandcamp page or something with the beats?

Ritchcraft: I always think people pay more attention if there's a video attached to the beat. A visual always makes a difference in my opinion.

ThroatChop: I know you mentioned that you pre-planned which beats go out on which days. With that said, what was the goal of the first 15 days of beats?

Ritchcraft: Although I had most of the beats complete before, I'm still working on the videos on a daily basis.  The way I work is really random. I don't have much organizational skills, I just create and hope people enjoy. So to say I had a goal in the first 15 days would be a lie.  But if you want me to lie about it, I'd be more then happy to (laughs).

ThroatChop: So, what should we expect with the next 15 days?

Ritchcraft: As far as the quality of beats, more of the same, I aim to create some brand new beats for the next 15 days and hopefully create some beats that differ from the first 15 you've already heard. Regardless though, the beats WILL be dope and if they're not, anyone can email my customer support line at, and tell me why they don't like them. With that said, I'd like to thank The Mad Bloggers for their interest in my instrumental adventure, and thanks to everyone who's reading this, holler at me at or check out my website PEACE!

Get the back story on Ritchcraft's 30 in 30 here.

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