Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top $ Raz Is The New Flesh

Fresh artwork. Amazing production. Dope lyrics. And just the right amount of features. Top $ Raz delivers with The New Flesh.

The latest offering from the Far Rockaway Queens emcee is sixteen solid tracks, that starts off with the powerful jawn Mountains and ends with one of my favorite cuts, Nothing. The other fourteen tracks build on the story that Top $ is telling about his life and experiences. He's a storyteller. The New Flesh is a reflection of that.

Some of my other favorites on The New Flesh are Cold/Fresh, The Holy Ghost featuring Scienze, Jack and Coke Flow and the hilarious Don't Mind featuring Ciph Diggy and Alvietron. Oh and we can't forget about the killer track The Man that Top $ started the year off with. Or the monster of a track, The Plague, featuring YC The Cynic and produced by J57.

The New Flesh is a quality project, with production from Spills, J Monopoly, KO Beatz, Dr Khil and more. The New Flesh is executive produced by Coole High and Terrence "Thinker" Kelly.

With so many rappers on the scene who sound like cookie cutter replicas of others, Top $ Raz infuses a unique voice through The New Flesh.

I reached out to Top $ on the eve of this release. Check out our Q&A and a stream of The New Flesh after the jump. Chea!

ThroatChop: When you stepped away from music briefly last year, what ultimately bought you back?

Top $ Raz: Few things brought me back. Ultimately it was the people around me who were telling me that they wanted the album and were really interested in hearing it. I also felt obligated to myself to finish it. Like my hiatus was never a full on quit it was a much needed break, and I always knew I was coming back.

ThroatChop: Between that break and your return to music, did any of the direction of The New Flesh change or was it pretty much done?

Top $ Raz: The direction pretty much stayed the same, but a lot of songs got added and removed. So Beautiful, Jack & Coke Flow, The New Flesh and The Holy Ghost all were written and recorded during or after the hiatus. So I'm glad I took the break, as these all are my top songs on the album.

ThroatChop: What's the biggest difference between your previous project Spilled Milk and The New Flesh?

Top $ Raz: Probably length and energy. It's pretty much a whole different vibe, which I'm proud of.

ThroatChop: What's the most personal track on this project?

Top $ Raz: The most personal track on the album is Jack & Coke Flow. It's all about the hiatus and how I was feeling during that time.

ThroatChop: What track on the project in your opinion will prove who you are as an emcee?

Top $ Raz: Hmm, tha'ts a tough question. I'm really not sure if there's a certain one song that would prove who I am as an emcee, I'm confident every track on the album has a few gems in them.

ThroatChop: What do you want listeners to take from the project?

Top $ Raz: I want listeners to be inspired by the project, and go out and live their own dreams. As corny as that may sound I just want to inspire people to do better.

ThroatChop: At the end of the day, what do you hope to prove with this new project?

Top $ Raz: I want to prove myself as a force in this industry or someone with the potential to be a force with the right people behind me. This is supposed to convince those people to get with me.

ThroatChop: Oh, what's your final words about The New Flesh.

Top $ Raz: I need you to believe! You are the new flesh!


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