Thursday, February 24, 2011

Melissa Czarnik "Jump Start" (A song for Wisconsin & Worker's Rights!)

"We are fighting for not only our rights here in Wisconsin, but for the rest of the country's as well!"

TMB has been a long time supporter of the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene, which includes our good friend Melissa Czarnik. Yesterday she sent us this track she recently wrote about the situation in Wisconsin. If you're unaware, the situation going on in Wisconsin is serious and you should be paying attention.

There's a lot going on but at the center of the protests, "the Wisconsin budget proposed by Republican Governor Scott Walker includes cuts in benefits for state workers and takes away many of their collective bargaining rights."

This could be happening right in your backyard. You should definitely be up on things, whether you're in Wisconsin or not. I dig the message within Melissa's song. Wisconsin, stand strong.

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  1. Anonymous5:08 AM

    I heard Melissa's new song on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman ( on Monday, as part of their coverage of the protests in Madison. What a great, powerful song, and I love the beat. Her message brought tears to my eyes - so great to see people speaking truth to power and standing up to the corporate plutocracy... The Vermont House of Representatives passed a bill last week expressing support for the state workers in Wisconsin. Here in Vermont we stand in solidarity with the union workers of Wisconsin! Keep up the good fight!

    ~Joe Funkafied

  2. Heard it on Democracy Now

    Loved IT

    1 000 000 internets to you mam.