Monday, February 21, 2011

Let's Support @Aaron_Marcellus on American Idol

Atlanta's own 26 year old Aaron Marcellus tried out for American Idol and has made it through the first few rounds. What we need The Mad Bloggers' supporters help with is getting him more airtime. As you will see, Aaron has a beautiful voice that should be heard by everyone within reach. If you recall, I did a post about Aaron Marcellus & The Will Band and had the pleasure of introducing our supporters to this awesome duo. Now you can see Aaron on TV!

I haven't watched American Idol in years, but it seems NOW with the episodes that I have watched, they've got some real talent this season. I personally, will be watching and supporting AI this year because a friend of mine is competing for one of the most coveted spots on prime time television. So we need EVERY supporter to show the love! If you want to know more about Aaron, "like" his fan page on Facebook. Retweet this post and bomb Twitter. Y'all know what Twitter can do!

Please support our brother in music and watch American Idol this year. Witness Aaron grow as a phenomenal artist! Thanks so much guys and enjoy the performance!

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