Monday, February 28, 2011

Check It ... @YCTheCynic "Unconscious"

"Calling audibles while I'm rhyming ..." 

YC The Cynic clearly has a dope rhyme book. On the eve of the release of his latest offering, Fall Fwd, YC drops off the Steel Tipped Dove produced "Unconscious" track. Dope. Dope like the rest of the project. You may have to run this one back a few times to really appreciate the word play. I can't wait for ya'll to hear Fall Fwd when it drops tomorrow. It's impressive. With so much music dropping daily, a project is all about repeatability. Fall Fwd is on it's 10th play with me. Fall Fwd March 1st. Enjoy "Unconscious" in the meantime. Chea!

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  1. Montana5:58 PM

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