Monday, August 02, 2010

Shad's "TSOL" in Stores October 5, 2010

Shad is an incredible artist. More importantly, he's a super dope person. I've been following this dude and his music for a little while. He is easily one of my favorites. His latest album TSOL is coming stateside in October. I fortunately got it out of Canada and can tell you, it's dope! You've probably heard a few of the tracks on this site or on The Mad Bloggers Show! I support the dude and his music! I caught this interview off his FB page and figured I'd pass it along.
Critically acclaimed, Canadian based MC Shad, brings his "TSOL" album to the US for his stateside debut on Black Box Recordings/Decon. Watch as he discusses the album and its inspirations, what the US debut means, and what Golden Girl he'd be if he had a choice.

"TSOL" In Stores October 5, 2010!

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