Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Artist Profile: The Arrival of Maal Himself

This is a moment I've been waiting for.

I'm sure there are many in Milwaukee that would echo my sentiments. Maal Himself has stepped out as a solo artist and he's doing so on his own terms, as he delivers up his first track from his upcoming project.

I've been following Maal since I first stumbled on the MKE Hip-Hop scene and I've been a fan of his work. Part of the dope crew Misen Lync, this will be his first solo offering since becoming active in the scene three years ago in July. I'm sure I'm not the only person excited about the forthcoming project.

I connected with Maal to talk about stepping out as a solo artist and what we can expect with the new project. Peep the Q&A after the jump.

You've seemed to play the background in the MKE Hip-Hop scene, helping other artist grow and contribute where you can. Why have you decided now to step out as a solo artist?

Maal: I have always been a firm believer in your time will come. I really have been just sitting back and learning this whole time you know? People always asked me why not man you're dope, don't worry you're ready and now I feel I'm ready. People like Tks, and Speak Easy, Dame Ellzey and just fans made it obvious to me so here we are.

So, who's working on the upcoming project with you?

Maal: The upcoming project I'm working with primarily Jon Frost, who is phenomenal. Jon will be executively producing and Dame Ellzey, who is my idol (dont tell that nigga - laughs), and my big bro is the co executive producer. I got production from Freek Van Workum(Netherlands), Epik The Dawn, Ed Cayce, Chemist, Cardo (Taylor Gang) Jon Frost, and Money Bagz.

What can folks expect from you as a solo artist?

Maal: I would expect to hear the progression of Maal Himself the artist. I have added a couple things to my skill set musically. Songs are stronger in structure and substance.My story telling is coming into play and combining that with my word play and wit I'd say expect dope music (laughs).

What can folks expect from the solo project?

Maal: Expect creativity. I am happy to make music in any genre set but expect strong concepts. Jon and Dame have taught me to take the Shallow Deep approach. It is making a song simple on the surface and relatable to any level but also expressing myself as an artist without compromising myself. So get ready for catchy melodic metaphorical Hip-Hop with wit and humor.

Ms. Beverly Hills feat. The Diva & Jon Frost

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