Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TMB Presents: "Otisis" Jinesis Produced & Otis Redding Sampled Beat Tape

Two fresh singles. And now we're here. I'm proud to present Otisis.

Folks that know me well, know how much I enjoy the work of Otis Redding. The passion in his voice, and the heartfelt feelings behind his music have long resonated with me. And to think the body of work he created was done in such a short period of time considering his untimely death. But his music lives on.

Folks who follow the blog also know how much I've come to respect the work of New York producer Jinesis. His music has been featured on the site numerous times, whether as an individual post or by way of a production credit for another artist. The dude is talented.

During one of our online convos about music I pitched Jinesis the idea of sampling Otis Redding tracks. I won't take credit for the creation of this incredible project, I just planted the seed. Jinesis truly bought this project to life and made it his own. He hit the ground running, taking inspiration from every day life and applying it to the beat creation on Otisis. You can feel his passion in the production.

I'm proud and very pleased with what he created. Jinesis is a very talented producer and Otisis is some of his finest work. Hit play and vibe out to the smooth samplings of Otis Redding as interpreted by Jinesis. Enjoy. Chea!

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