Monday, June 27, 2011

Hip-Hop Breakfast Ep 59

If this morning's Hip-Hop Breakfast was served at Denny's it would be the equivalent of their Grand Slam, considering the large portion you're getting. But I don't really mess with Denny's because their eggs are too salty. Allegedly, of course. Ha!

So, EP 59 is like a meal served at one of those hole in the wall diners that are at least one visit away from the health inspector shutting them down. You know the spots I'm talking about with the breakfast specials for like $2.99 and you get 15 items on your plate but need to down a bottle of tums, however the food is so damn good you don't care.

Considering I took last week off, the least I could do was fill you up with just over 27 solid minutes of quality music featuring The Weeknd, Jean Grae, the homie e.d.g.e. and one of my new favorite's Rocky Rivera. I hope EP 59 helps kick start your week. Enjoy. Chea!

01. The Weeknd - Trust Issues (Cover)
02. TiRon & Ayomari feat. Simon Emanuel - Forever
03. Sonny Shotz x OnCue - Anything Real
04. Rocky Rivera - Under Pressure
05. Naeem Oba - Stomp
06. SigNif - Wish Her Well
07. e.d.g.e - O My God
08. ProbCause - Loud Through The Town
09. Jean Grae - I Rock On

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