Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jones Andrews "Tunnel Vision (All Black Everything)"

"I burn it down like Rosewood, no Ving Rhames..."

Jones Andrews blacks out on this track. Pun intended. Enjoy. Chea!
Recently I was going through an extreme case of writer’s block. I listened to other artists that inspire me, watched hip hop documentaries and even just threw on beats and rapped until I turned blue…lol and nothing seemed to work. Then I decided that I need to refocus and just have fun again with my music and not force it, and just let it come to me. Since that occurred I have been grinding harder than ever, doing shows, collabs and just going in. It’s like I have tunnel vision right now I’m so focused on my music that I can’t see anything else around me, so with that being said I present to you “Tunnel Vision(All Black Everything)”. It’s me flexing my lyrical muscle and going in over one of my favorite beats as of late, Lupe Fiasco’s “All Black Everything.”

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