Friday, June 24, 2011

Download ... Vikter Duplaix - "For Players Only" (Free Mixtape) (@Duplaix)

This joint came out earlier this month, or at least I downloaded it earlier this month. I listened to it maybe twice before hitting play tonight once again. I've heard of Vikter Duplaix before so I'm not considerably new to his music. I think the first time I heard of Vikter was a few years ago when I was driving around in my new car (new to me, haha) and his song popped up on the satellite radio. Listening to satellite radio gave me some hope early on and helped me find artists new to me which I then searched for online.

Here I am on Twitter one day and I notice that he posts a link to a mixtape he recently released. As busy as I am, I don't know how I was able to catch it. Maybe he kept posting the tweet randomly, not sure. So I download it and voilà! This mixtape is intriguingly chill, in my own words obviously. Haha. You'll just have to listen to it yourself but it's a different kind of dope. Those who really know me know that I'm not confined to the two genres of Hip-Hop and R&B. I like to let my ears travel other places as well and I've been satisfied as to where it brought me on this mixtape.

For Players Only is a great, energetic, soul touching, groove inducing mixtape that's sure to please a lot of fans of The Mad Bloggers as well as others. And to top it all off, it's absolutely free. So check out a few tracks and download it after the listens!

Vikter Duplaix ft Esthero - Another Great Love

Vikter Duplaix ft. Ms. Saigon - Stimulation

Vikter Duplaix - Lookin' For Love

Download: Vikter Duplaix - For Players Only

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