Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kenton Dunson "Creative Destruction 2"

The first track I heard from Kenton Dunson was his remix to the John Legend cover of Rolling In The Deep. I thought the dude was dope and have been paying attention since. We've featured him on the blog a few times since. His new project Creative Destruction 2 is pretty solid. I'll allow Kenton to take it from here to give you some insight on his new project.
"Creative Destruction 2 is about more than Kenton Dunson. It’s about life, ambition, heartbreak and most importantly, passion. When I came up with the Creative Destruction concept for the first album, I didn’t think it would turn into a series. But as a developing artist in a saturated music environment, I know it’s important to display what you have as soon as it’s ready. This time around, the term Creative Destruction meant replacing my old creative approach as an artist to build more tangible songs that touched a wider base of listeners while remaining original. I believe I struck a solid balance with Creative Destruction 2. I kept the album short and relevant, there’s no fluff on this project. It’s all self-produced and I was able to include two great features to round out the album. This is my best work to date and the momentum is amazing." - Kenton Dunson
Hit play and enjoy.


  Creative Destruction 2 by Kenton Dunson 

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