Wednesday, February 02, 2011

What I'm Watching ... The Cranberry Show "Time Of Day"

The Cranberry Show (Arcane and Young Focus) are some pretty funny guys. As I once wrote, their sound is a fusion of fun tracks and high energy, with a comical approach. You get that same type of energy on their latest project, Regular Ass N*ggas. I've said in the past that while TCS will appeal mostly to a younger audience, not all older heads will write them off. "Time Of Day" is a prime example of a track that both audiences will vibe to. These fellas don't take themselves too seriously but they deliver. And while lyrically they won't blow you away, they have some great punchlines. I dig most of the music these young cats put out. So, check out the video up top and you can download Regular Ass N*ggas below. Enjoy.

Download: Regular Ass N*ggas

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