Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Audible Doctor - The Spread EP (vocal version)

Last week we were experiencing some issues on the site. We still haven't gotten all of our content back from last Thursday. Sucks. So, we took the weekend off waiting for the dust to settle. Hopefully it's all good now. During that in-between time The Audible Doctor dropped his project The Spread EP (vocal version). I posted it over on my tumblr page (allegedlyofcourse.tumblr.com). Here it is just in case you missed. Enjoy because it's a great project. Chea!
Like I mentioned, blogger is being a bitch right now (allegedly, of course). So, I’m posting up a few joints on my tumblr page in an effort to get the music out. Yesterday The Audible Doctor dropped The Spread EP (Vocal Version) featuring some pretty dope emcees. A while back he put out the free beat tape and invited folks to rhyme over the instrumentals and submit them for consideration to be featured on the vocal version of The Spread. These are the winners. Definitely a dope project. I’ve listened to it front to back a few times. I already liked the instrumental version but this vocal version of The Spread is also dope. Peep my favorite track below and if you’re so inclined, download it! Chea!
Download: The Spread EP (Vocal Version)

  The Audible Doctor - The Ex Feat. Apollo 7 by ThroatChopU

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