Tuesday, May 24, 2011

EVENT: The Bury The Hatchet Show (5/28/11)

Milwaukee, if you haven't been paying attention to the blog, is a hot pocket of talented Hip-Hop. In my opinion it's better to work together than work apart or work against. These four dope acts are just the tip of the iceberg of what Milwaukee has to offer. I'll let JC Poppe explain the concept behind The Bury The Hatchet Show this Saturday night at the Cactus Club out in Milwaukee.
I wanted to let you know about a big show happening on May 28th at Cactus Club, beginning at 10PM, with a cover of $5.
Myself and Axtra (manager of Prophetic, and other UMG artists) are bringing together 2 UMG artists and 2 former House of M artists to do a show that symbolizes the end of the beef between these respective artists.
AUTOMatic, Prophetic, Raze, and Yo-Dot, will be taking the stage as peers on that night, the first time in over a year and for the second time in several years! There are no openers, there are no closers, there are just four dope hip-hop acts that are going to perform their butts off for those in attendance.
If you didn’t know there used to be a beef between UMG and House of M, there was a lot of bad blood between the two camps for years…going back to around 2008 and bridging deep into 2010.
When the House of M fell apart at the end of 2010, A.P.R.I.M.E. and Trellmatic of AUTOMatic, and Raze no longer wished to carry on any ill will because the issues were more with others that had been House of M, and the guys of UMG were tired of the cumbersome rigmarole beefing often presents. After several years, it was just stale and almost a cliche.
So, in an attempt to build bridges where they once were burned, I approached Axtra with the idea at the listening party for my albums Shadowlands/Tea Party and he was completely open to it!
As former manager of House of M (2010), and current manager of AUTOMatic and Raze, I’m very excited about this show because in my opinion these artists, AUTOMatic, Prophetic, Raze, and Yo-Dot, are some of the best that Milwaukee has to offer…and it’s going to be great to finally have them on stage with each other without any sour air in the building.
It should be said, however, that this show in no way reflects the feelings or thoughts of other former House of M members and UMG members and they are not included in this show’s line-up. Others have also burried the hatchet, but there are also some that are still very much leary of each other.
The night is going to be fun and is something that will help the Milwaukee hip-hop scene step closer towards the unification it once enjoyed in 2007.
The poster was designed by Dana Coppafeel.
Umbrella Music Group is a Milwaukee based label that is represented by artists like Prophetic, Ka$h, Yo-Dot, Tay Butler, and Adlib. No Half Steppin Crew is represented by artists like AUTOMatic, Raze, The Hollowz, DJ JDL, and DJ Bizzon.
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  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    JC Poppe is takes himself too seriously. That beef was dead a long time ago. Lose 100 pounds so you can do a show Poppe.