Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Download ... Chris Skillz - "Just Another Morning" Mixtape (Free)

Yet another dope mixtape that was recently released and for free. This one by Chris Skills, also a CT native. I got to listen to this earlier today a couple of times and definitely approve. The beats had be severely vibing and after finding out that they were Apollo Brown's, it makes perfect sense. His lyrics seem to compliment the production smoothly and with ease, telling personal stories of his life and reciting future ambitions on the microphone. I suggest you check this out. It's free and dope. Word.

1. Goodbye
2. Real Hip-Hop
3. Young Man Pt. 2 (Ft. Al-Fatir)
4. Just Another Morning (Ft. Kyle Owens)
5. Lights Off
6. Its Over (Ft. Kyle Owens)
7. Live or Die [Interlude]
8. Choices (Ft. Kyle Owens)
9. One Chance [Interlude]
10. One Day (Ft. Al-Fatir & Nish Eastwood)
11. No Way (Ft. Kyle Owens)
12. The Pen
13. Hello (Outro)

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