Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Check It ... Oddisee - "You Don't Close Your Eyes"

Oddisee is highly regarded on The Mad Bloggers and I finally got to this short gem in my email and felt the need to share. Long enough to make you want more, this track is inviting. Dope!

"You Don't Close Your Eyes" is about the dynamics of a relationship turned cold. Clever wordplay and an effortless cadence propel this insightful tale of domestic apathy, which finds Oddisee questioning what changed in his relationship: "restaurant parking lots seem like the spot in the plot where you like to talk a lot, where it used to be the spot in the plot where the windows was steamed because the heat coming off was hot." Also along for the ride is frequent collaborator/keyboardist, Ralph Real, whose tenor adds an emotional intensity that helps accentuate the frustrations of unrequited love.

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