Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Scheme & DJ Scend - Two Turntables and a Mic: Dedication to L.E.S.

The homie Scheme is dope. He linked up with DJ Scend for a pretty dope series called "Two Turntables and a Mic." I dig it.

They lay out a pretty simple mission with the series. "This is a straight to the point concept. Dope beats, a mic, and two turntables. Scheme and DJ Scend wanted to show respect to the great artists that have inspired them through out the years and wanted to bring to the forefront the DJ and the MC once again. They want to keep this series as raw and straight forward as possible. No gimmicks. Just rhymes and beats."

They start off their Molemen Records x SRNC x presented series with a dedication to L.E.S. Filmed by Stefan Klapko, the series will definitely be something to keep your eye on. Enjoy. Chea!

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