Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jinesis "Maliah" (from Otisis)

Folks that know me well, know how much I enjoy the work of Otis Redding. Those who have followed the blog long enough also know how much I've come to respect the work of New York producer Jinesis. And so a few months back during one of our online convos about music I pitched him an idea to take Otis Redding tracks and flip 'em. Jinesis jumped on board with no hesitation and hit the ground running. Over the last few weeks I've been anxious and overly excited about this project and sharing it with all of you. Jinesis is a very talented producer and soon enough folks will understand and respect that. We are approaching one of his finest hours. And to intro the first preview from Otisis, I'll let Jinesis take it from here...

"Maliah mentioned on twitter that a lot of dudes are afraid to date her seriously because they dont want the attention that comes with dating a dancer/model/vixen. That candid, world weary and personal tweet came from a sensitive place and once Jinesis sat with the sample the sentiment echoed. This a glimpse into one of the beats from the Jinesis produced Otis Redding sampled project "Otisis" presented by The Mad Bloggers."

Entirely produced by Jinesis.
Mixed and Arranged by Jinesis & Frado

Single artwork design by Fresh Daily

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