Sunday, May 29, 2011

What EMS Is Watching ... @mcloughlinmusic - "Save The World Tonight"

Dear Collin McLoughlin,

If you are reading this post, I'd just like to tell you that you are extremely talented. I came across your music through my blogger-colleague, Q, re-tumbling a post from Jinesis. I am quite impressed. I always love to throw a curve ball to my audience for the simple fact of exposing them to all genres.

If I could tell my audience anything about you, I'd tell them that I particularly love your voice, and even more so the simplicity of this song. "Save The World Tonight" displays your vocal control, melodic lines and love of pure music. "Save The World Tonight" is completely stripped of all things Hollywood and as a listener, I am truly grateful for that. I especially love how your voice slightly bends the notes as you sing and the faint grittiness you bring to your songs.

I look forward to knowing you as an artist through your music and finding more projects you've done. And as a blogger, I am truly grateful for artists like you because it makes the writing all the worthwhile. This has honestly lifted my spirit. Thank you.


Collin McLoughlin - Save The World Tonight from on Vimeo.

Audience, enjoy.

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