Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Download ... Full Blast Mixtape Vol 1. - Big Bars Hosted By DJ Connect (Free)

Yes! This Full Blast Mixtape is out. They have a variety of MCs blessing the mic that's involved with the entire Full Blast Movement. All kinds of styles and production all over this. They put together a line up that's gonna keep you listening. A lot of Connecticut talent in this free mixtape. BIG BARS! Check it.

1. Freestyle - Duece Bug and BC Connect
2. Make You Sick - Duece Bug (produced by Myst Kenny Cash)
3. Sensory Deception - Political Animals
4. Full Blast Ambassadors - Duece Bug feat. Chuck Nickels (produced by Dj Fiend)
5. Kenny Ca$h - Cannon Gang (produced by Kenny Ca$h)
6. Cali - BC Connect feat. Duece Bug
7. Its Your Boy - Chuck Nickels (produced by Tommy Fuckin Doomsday
8. The Matrix - MC Johnny Wae
9. Dem Hoes - Lighta feat. Duece Bug (produced by Kenny Ca$h)
10. Welcome To The Cut - Green Light (produced by Kenny Ca$h)
11. How Do You Like Me Now - White Chedder ( produced by Nebula)
12. Reefa Remix - BC Connect (produced by Johnny Wae)
13. Told Me - Metamusick
14. Ghost Town - Duece Bug
15. Esco's Cipher 2 - Trix, Duece Bug, Sotorios of Political Animals Fortune
16. Time 2 Go - Duece Bug (produced by Duece Bug)
17. Choices - Pruven feat. Othello ( produced by Dj Syruz)

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