Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday's Five Random Questions with @UCanCallMeLA

Photo by Dirty Souf Yankee
L.A. is having one of the best weeks ever. Late Sunday she released the killer track “Spitting Out Blood”, which has been making its waves on the internet including a debut. Then today she locked up one of the two spots on the upcoming Show & Prove showcase presented by The Brooklyn Bodega and to compete for a spot on this year’s Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival in July. And to think, she’s only been rapping for 11 months, having just released her first project in January, with a follow up due out July. The girl is dope, and her music embodies such a raw uncut energy.

Anyway, this week she decided to take the challenge. Check out how L.A. answered five random questions after the jump.

Hometown: Brooklyn son!
Current City: Brooklyn son!
How long have you been doing music: 11 months rapping...
Discography: The Presentation (Jan 2011), The L.A. Riots (coming July 2011)
Label: fxckurcosign records (laughs)
Describe your music in five words or less: Images (of) soulful reality (and) messages (in) bars

Photo by Dirty Souf Yankee
ThroatChop: Okay, first question. Your celebrity crush at age 10, 15 and now?

L.A.: Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Lorenz Tate. I don't have crushes anymore cause I have a boyfriend and lack of time. But if I did have a crush, it would be on my future.

ThroatChop: What TV character would you be and why?

L.A.: I don't watch a lot of TV but in real life the only person I cared to be was Oprah (cliché I know shut up - laughs). Before rapping I wanted my own talk show (still do sometimes) and I always use to think if I was Oprah that show would have been way too live.

ThroatChop: What's the most embarrassing cd you ever purchased?

L.A.: Sisqo, Unleash the Dragon

ThroatChop: Which three songs would be on the soundtrack of your life and why?

L.A.: Hey there Deliah by Plain White T's... no real reason but It makes me think of my best friends and our growth and separation as we build our careers. I know they love me and I love them but we all just trying make something out of nothing.

Flashing Lights by Kanye West- I played that song 15282 times on my iPod. It's not really about the bars but about the message it conveyed about Hip-Hop in general for me. I didn't really see the character he was talking about as a model chick or star but more like what is happening to Hip-Hop, along with myself as an artist, as whole. Now go listen to it and think about that.

Juicy - Biggie- I know cheesy but in honesty that song really symbolizes my own come up and that the possibilities are endless if you just believe.

ThroatChop: Last question, L.A. what is your single greatest fear

L.A.: To fall/fail

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