Monday, June 06, 2011

Hip-Hop Breakfast Ep 57

You're probably looking at the tracks like "damn Q, you on some emo shit". At a second glance you're like, "damn, someone broke this negro's heart over the weekend and now he's pouring it out on a Monday morning." Ha! None of the above folks. While looking through my itunes creating this ep, these joints kinda put themselves together. After listening to Jinesis featuring ArinMaya throughout the weekend, the playlist was built from there. At one point, I was gonna switch up after the Estelle track but I started listening to Break You Off and decided to sneak that in. Then that bought me to Cee-Lo's track from his Stray Bullets mixtape, which then made me think of the Cookin Soul x Chuuwee track. That led me to Frank Ocean and after the visuals Tyler, The Creator dropped, She was the perfect follow up to Love Crimes. Then I thought, why not end it all with a track from D. Julien's Ready for Tomorrow project. Just vibe with a brother this morning and enjoy. Chea!

01. Jinesis feat. ArinMaya - Love Hangover
02. Estelle feat. Rick Ross - Break My Heart
03. The Roots - Break You Off
04. Cee Lo Green feat. ME & Lonan the Destroyer - I'll Kill Her
05. Cookin Soul x Chuuwee - So In Love
06. Frank Ocean - Love Crimes
07. Tyler, The Creator feat. Frank Ocean - She
08. D. Julien feat. Tolu - Over You

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