Thursday, June 09, 2011

What I'm Watching: Yelawolf “Daddy’s Lambo”

I fucks with Yelawolf. Musically the dude is dope and personally, he seems down to earth. I've never not nodded my head when a Yelawolf track was on. I've also peeped a gang of interviews with him and he's always humble and cool about his musical rise. Now a member of the Shady crew, including Em and Slaughterhouse, he's among some lyrical powerhouses. But Yelawolf holds his own. Anyway, the first time I heard "Daddy's Lambo" I thought the track was dope. Now we have a video to match the cut. Fresh. Funny that (spoiler alert) home chick had to pee and that dude peeled out like a scene from Bang Bus, allegedly of course. Ha! Enjoy the video. Chea!

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