Thursday, July 22, 2010

Check It ... Melissa Czarnik "Anattitude"

Melissa Czarnik is back. She returns with "Raspberry Jesus" available for pre-order and out officially on July 31. Her first single, "Anattitude," is really fresh and shows that the Milwaukee based emcee hasn't been just chilling since her last album. Yeah, between shows overseas, locally and working on this new album, the last thing Czarnik has been doing is chilling. You should be excited about this new project. Melissa Czarnik isn't a joke musically and always delivers. I'm excited for her. And I'm excited for you to discover "Raspberry Jesus" and Melissa Czarnik.
(Milwaukee,WI) On Saturday, July 31st, 10pm Milwaukee based poet-emcee, Melissa Czarnik will release her long awaited sophomore album, Raspberry Jesus (Hyperdrive Motivator Productions, 2010) at Stonefly Brewery, 735 E. Center Street, Milwaukee, WI. Czarnik will be backed by the Eric Mire Band, a five-piece hip hop/jazz/soul band made up of bandleader, Eric Mire (guitar), Chip Baily (drums), Maurice Cotton (keys), Brad Bloom (sax) and Don Bradshaw (congas). Other acts include the DJ duo, Him & Her (Milwaukee); the Eric Mire Band will also open the night playing a selection of instrumentals from Czarnik’s 1st album, Strawberry Cadillac, as well as the Eric Mire Band’s 2009 release, Spooky Love. There will be a collection of Midwestern themed drawings and photographs on display from the brother-sister duo, Dominic and Erica Heisdorf. The evenings happenings will be photographed by the Milwaukee based photographers, Shaku & Mindy Mays.
From the depths of her soul, Melissa Czarnik delivers audiences an album strapped with power, love, and struggle. With bolder lyrics, bigger beats, and more collaborations, Czarnik has proven yet again, that hip-hop is not dead, but indeed, underground. Her first album, “Strawberry Cadillac” was released in July, 2008 and since then she has gained recognition in notable publications such as Bitch Magazine (USA) and Anattitude Magazine (Europe). She has toured increasingly throughout the Midwest and has gone as far as Brussels, Belgium to rock the Supafly Women in Hip Hop Series in June 2010.
With a blend of hip hop, poetry and jazz, Czarnik’s Raspberry Jesus offers up yet again, a bigger and better sound that is organic in feel, original in sound, and intimate in content. Working side by side with producer and composer, Eric Mire, the album features a wide range of collaborations from musicians like Aaron Gardner and Eric Jacobson of Kings Go Forth; gospel music director, Maurice Cotton produced and composed a full-length gospel track; and members of the Eric Mire Band can be found sprinkled throughout several tracks on the album. Czarnik also worked with hip-hop producer, Dylan Thomas on a track that features, R&B singer Patrice Downey.
Czarnik’s diversity on Raspberry Jesus is exemplified in her musical flow and hard punchy lyrics that are layered with the same musicality as that of an instrument. Czarnik can go from bold and boastful on one song to soft and romantic on another with the same ease as artists such as Lauryn Hill or Ani Difranco. Growing up on Milwaukee’s working-class North Side, she is street wise, compassionate and community aware. She completed two years of service in AmeriCorps and has spent the past 3 years working at Woodland Pattern, a non-profit literary arts center. Together, Czarnik and her label mate Eric Mire founded Hyperdrive Motivator Productions, a label that prides itself on DIY artistry and has brought audiences albums such as Strawberry Cadillac (HMP, 2008), the Eric Mire Band’s Spooky Love (HMP, 2009), and most recently Melissa Czarnik with the Eric Mire Band, Local Live EP (HMP, 2009). Raspberry Jesus is now available for pre-order sale at

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