Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where @LadyBlogga Will Be ... The Generation Next Showcase

New York City in the Summertime is notorious for a lot of things. Great music and concerts are one of them. Tomorrow night at Littlefield in Brooklyn NY, the Generation Next showcase is going down. SoulRebel NYC in conjunction with HipHopDX.com is launching the first showcase for buzzworthy artists, not only from NYC but across the country.

Hosted by @INFNYC and HOT 97’s own Peter Rosenberg, this first show boasts a tight line-up. Performers include SkyZoo (who’s track “Popularity” was featured on Entourage a couple of weeks ago), TiRon, Game Rebellion, The Kid Daytona, The Illz (who rocked out at Santos Monday night with Joelle Ortiz, Joe Budden and a few others), J. Ferb, and Ca$he. Generation Next creator and SoulRebel NYC founder Mic Sean is the mastermind responsible for bringing these acts together and giving them the platform they need to take their careers to the next level.

Being a fan of Hip Hop music and all it has to offer, I look forward to this and other Gen Next installments. For further information and ticket sales, please visit soulrebelnyc.com or follow Mic Sean on Twitter @MicSeanNYC

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