Thursday, July 29, 2010

What I'm Watching ... @AHMADweclap "Nig Can't Tell Me Nunt"

I'm feeling this joint right here. Enjoy.
Ahmad releases the song and video "Nig Can't Tell Me Nunt", the 2nd leak off his long-awaited sophomore album, The Death of Me (August 10th, WeCLAP). Ahmad sounds defiant on this track, rapping in the face of naysayers that labeled him a one hit wonder, a slightly different look than The Death of Me's first track, the more light-hearted parody "Get Some Money & Go 2 Jail" featuring Crooked I.

"The first track made you laugh, this one will make you cry," says Ahmad of "Nig Can't Tell Me Nunt". "It's all about human emotions. We've all been in that place where someone is trying to tell you there is something you can't do. We're not trying to hear that anymore."

The Death of Me drops August 10th on Ahmad's own imprint, WeCLAP.

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