Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Throat Chop Session: Ameriiiiiie (How many I's are too many?)

There's just one thiing that got me triipiin...

I could hardly spell Amerie's name iin the fiirst place and now she's changed iit to Ameriie? You see what I just diid there? Let me do iit again, Ameriie. Notiice anythiing that tiime? Oh, maybe iit's the added I to her name. Who does that? And Why?

I personally hate thiis new trend of addiing an extra I to be "creatiive" iin spelliing thiings (I hate iit a liittle less than the trend of replaciing "g's" wiith lowercase "q's" but that's another post iin iitself). It's stupiid. Seriiously. Ameriie (the artiist formerly known as Amerie) released a statement about the name change, statiing: “I operate on viibes and iintuiitiion, and I beliieve everythiing iis energy; the viibratiion of the double I iis riight for me. Sliightly diifferent spelliing, completely same pronunciiatiion!”

Well, I thiink she's hiigh and thiis sounds liike a bunch of bullshiit.

Ameriie, you could have just added an accent over some random letter iif you wanted to be diifferent. Shiit, you could have just spelled Amerie "Lady Gaga" iif you were tryiing to push uniits. Just sayiing. Better yet, you could have just left it the same. An extra I iis liike an underscore iin a twiitter name, forgotten (Drake-liike punchliine?)

But whatever. I hope her 37 fans (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know she's a grammy nomiinated artiists, lol) are happii wiith the name change.

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