Thursday, July 15, 2010

Download ... The Opus of the OPUS

A few days late on posting this since it's been in the inbox for a few days. Enjoy!
Part of the summertime promotional series by the OPUS, DJ Risky Bizness and the OPUS join forces to bring you this culmination of rare releases and b-side material that was exclusively released while the OPUS was on tour in Japan. Only a 1000 CD's were made and sold out immediately while visiting the far, far east. The OPUS have decided to release this mixtape here in the states free for a limited time. Features guest vocals  from  Slug, Rubber Room, Eratik Statik, Verbal Kent, Gravity,Nacrobats (Pugs/Thaione/Qwazaar and more)
<a href="">Intro by the OPUS</a>

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