Monday, July 19, 2010

The Throat Chop Session: Shyne is the Last Real What Alive?! FOH!

Hey Shyne, Fidel called and he wants his cigar and the entire Cuban military uniform back. Oh and XXL, Hip-Hop called and said eff yo couch; you ain't doing shit on a higher level. The last couple of covers have been a rapid decline for XXL (and I'm being generous by ONLY saying the last couple). But you wanna know the the quickest route to irrelevancy? You feature irrelevant people. Kat Stacks' (I won't even mention Waka) name appears on the cover of XXL under the header "The Real Street Issue"? FOH!

I honestly hope this is just some photoshop crazed fool who had a picture of Shyne, XXL's masthead and a little bit of free time on their hands because this cover screams fuckery, right up to the headline, "Last Real Rapper Alive." Wait, this is still a picture of Shyne on the cover right? Is this a misprint? Should this have read, "The Last Real Wrapper Alive"? Shyne went to jail and came out and sounded like shit. His post-jail music has been horrible YET folks keep posting it up (it's arguable that his pre-jail music was shit too). His best verse was probably the telephone recorded verse on Usher's "Confession Remix" and that's sad. This dude is now on the cover on a magazine talking about what? And who even cares. There's a gang of folks putting out quality music yet XXL is entertaining this shit? Wow.

There's no way in hell that Shyne is the last real anything alive. I stand by that statement.

Eff all that!

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1 comment:

  1. He is certified trash. He is hot garbage wrapped in sugar fried shit. I heard dyslexic stuttering autistic kids who rap better. And I am being generous.