Thursday, July 15, 2010

What I'm Watching ... Siji's - "Morenike"

Should the Gods deem me worthy of fatherhood, I have vowed to some day name my first daughter, ‘Morenike’ (moe-re-knee-ke). The name ‘Morenike’, in Yoruba means ‘I have found one to cherish’ and is usually bestowed upon a much sought after female child. Taken from my sophomore album ‘ADESIJI’, the song has thus far turned out to become a favorite among fans and connoisseurs alike.

In a traditional Yoruba naming ceremony, a number of choice ingredients, among them; Salt, Honey, Peppercorns, Water and Kola nuts, are used as symbolic gestures in prayer, so that the child’s life may in turn be sweet, adventure filled, self sufficient, healthy and tasteful.
Shot as a time capsule on location in New York, the video storyline unfolds as I make my way to a local Botanica in search of said items for the mother to be.

Much appreciation goes to Desiree Gordon who was exceedingly patient and generous with her time and her delightful little daughter ‘Morenike’ whom I was able to capture before conception as well as on her onscreen debut. Special mention should also be made of Laron Land’s brilliant horn arrangements (part afro, part Jazz/big band swing), which helped to lend significant weight to the feel and mood of the song.

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SIJI - "Morenike" (Official Video) from SIJI on Vimeo.

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