Friday, July 09, 2010

REAL TALK ... No One Man (or men) Should Have All That Power

Editor's note: I jumped on twitter and tweeted the following earlier today, "Let me share something with you ..." and then jumped into a rant about the police. For the record, I have no problem with cops that do their job by protecting and serving. I have a problem with the power driven fuck faces (yeah, fuck faces) that run the streets with no regard for the law that they are suppose to be enforcing. I basically just copy / pasted my rant, touched it up a bit and posted it. Yeah, that's how lazy I am with writing. But I felt there was some substance in what was said, that's why I'm sharing it. Hit up the comment section and let me know your thoughts.

I've been asked how I feel about police a few times recently. More so in the last few hours since the Oscar Grant trial verdict. I come back to this thought; the police force is made up of a few types of people.

You have the good; those trying to make a difference.

Then you have, the bad.

The bad are made up of a few types. I'll talk about two types in particular. Former bullies and the formerly bullied.

The former bullies are the assholes from middle school and high school that got off on being bigger and stronger than everyone. The formerly bullied are those that got teased, pushed around and harassed in middle school and high school.

Now they're both police officers. With guns. With a badge. With authority. Both dangerous. Both trying to prove something.

The former bullies live for the power. Live for the thrill of pushing folks around. The formerly bullied live for making a point that they won't be pushed around anymore. They now have authority and power.

These types of police officers are dangerous. They run the streets with NO regard for people. They run the streets with NO sense of protecting and serving. Well, they serve their self interest for power.

These fuck faces are the ones who beat unarmed people in the street. Shoot unarmed folks until their guns are empty. These are the fuck faces who murder people on camera, hundreds of eyewitnesses but say they felt their life was in jeopardy.

No doubt, being a cop is rough. I know cops. I get it. Tough job. But these loose cannons are the ones running rouge in the streets. I'm not even talking about dirty cops. I'm talking about the reckless ones that pull their gun every chance they get.

It's sick. It's disgusting. And NO ONE should be gunned down in the streets. NO ONE should be beaten to within inches of their life.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there's screening that goes into being a cop I know! But the screening is sometimes done by the same clowns that I described. Think about it, a bully wants to bring on another bully. The bullied understands the plight of the bullied.

I know good cops. Some are family. Some are friends. Some are associates. I also know some fuck face cops too. Those are the ones that are giving police officers across the country a bad image. Think of it like this. Bad cops are like bad rap music. They get all the shine because they are out there the most. Getting all the press. Tying up the airwaves. Fuck bad cops.

Because you have a gun, a badge and the law on your side DOESN'T give you the right to step on someone else's rights! It's a tough job, I understand. But the ones using that excuse the most are the ones living above the law.

Let's do better.


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  1. My problem is that there is no reliable system to check the police. Most other jobs or officiating presences have a check and balance system. They don't!