Friday, July 30, 2010

The Mad Bloggers Show Ep 16

Back for episode 16 and new logo, part deux. We've got random pop culture on the radar during the commentary and some great summer tracks. Enjoy.

01. YC the Cynic - Summertime High
02. Black Spade (feat El Prez & Vandalyzm) - The Cool Out
03. ScienZe- the Origin
04. St Joe Louis - Tell Em
05. Roc Doogie - Dear Whoever
06. Emperess - Human pt. 2
07. STS - Oniomania
08. Brokn.Englsh and The ARE - Spell It Out
09. Kooley High - Ya Times Up
10. Intalek and Ritchcraft - Life in a Day
11. P.SO the Earth Tone King, 8thw1 (feat. Daniel Joseph) - Vintage Clothes

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  1. With this new photo reppin' the show, I just love yall lol.