Sunday, July 04, 2010

Download ... RTD Presents: Reggie Revolution's Nigger Cookout

It's late in the day but I had to throw this jawn up. Maybe it's something you can rock to over the week.  It's from our good friends over at 

Happy Fourth of July! Here's my mix, documenting some of our nation's ills on this day of independence. Multi-genre, cookout approved, and full of social commentary, Reggie Revolution don't take no guff from dem swine dem.
01. Jeremiah Wright / M.O.P. "Reggie Revolution Intro"
02. Skitz ft. Bugsy "Born Inna System (Prime Cuts Remix)"
03. Donae'o "Riot Music (Shy FX Mix)"
04. Skream "Clap Your Hands"
05. Pill "Thoughts"
06. Presage "Novus Ordo Seclorum"
07. 50 Cent "I'm Paranoid"
08. Wu-Tang Clan "Heaterz"
09. Mumia Abu-Jamal vs. The Roots "Revolution Choir Fire" [interlude]
10. Donwill & Von Pea "Cheesesteak"
11. Nas ft. Busta Rhymes "Fried Chicken"
12. Jay Electronica "Exhibit C (Mister Magic Version)"
13. Pastor Manning "Exhibit ATLAH" \ Rev. X "Exhibit X" [interlude]
14. yU "Native"
15. The Sopranos "Columbus Day" [interlude]
16. Gil Scott-Heron ft. Nas "New York Is Killing Me"
17. Gerald Walker "Killer Season"
18. "41 In 50" [interlude]
19. Legit "Sociology"
20. Reggie Revolution's Metal Fingers Orchestra "White Willow Bark"
21. Elucid "Then We Rage"

RTD Presents: Reggie Revolution's Nigger Cookout

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