Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Preview It ... P.So The Earthtone King "Suicide by Jellyfish" {SNIPPETS}

Check it!

Indie hip-hop producer/emcee P.So the Earthtone King, who's heralded mixtape Earthtones won him critical acclaim in 2009, is back with his next release, Suicide by Jellyfish, set for release Tuesday, July 20th.
Locking himself in the studio for months, and enlisting the emcee talents of fellow AOK Collective member 8thW1, the artist formerly known as P.Casso has quietly crafted a left-of-center, avant-garde audio trip. The project essentially is, at it's core, hip-hop over indie rock, electro, remixes and mashups but where it differs is it's introspective tone in regards to the matters of the heart and personal internal issues. The title is derived from the suicide method Will Smith employs in the film "Seven Pounds". According to P.So, "Jellyfish is a metaphor for music, both beautiful and dangerous with a complex, changing form."
While the samples and P.So-produced remixes of Paul McCartney, Chester French, Coldplay, Bjork, Flying Lotus, MadLib, Billie Holiday lend the project a plethora of grooves, 8thW1 adds a conversational flow and intentionally direct diction which challenges the listeners' notion of hip-hop.
Suicide By Jellyfish drops in its entirety on Tuesday, July 20th but you can catch a preview with the snippets below. Enjoy!

<a href="http://psotheearthtoneking.bandcamp.com/album/suicide-by-jellyfish-snippets">The Color of Dreams (prod. by Blu){SNIPPET} by P.SO the Earth Tone King</a>


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