Thursday, July 01, 2010

What I'm Watching ... Wrekonize - "One Too Many (Freestyle)"

I've heard the original version to this beat and I can't even tell you how much this one blows it out the water, in my opinion. This track is one that would probably never get too old for me. Wrekonize is definitely a talented MC.

Never Too Many

Wrekonize has been blessings us with freestyles all summer long and will be releasing a new solo project soon, titled A Soiree for Skeptics, so keep an eye out for some fresh new music from your favorite drinking partner on the mic by the end of the summer.

Until then, Wrek takes us through his usual blurry daze with the help from director Roberto "Beans" Granizo for Wreko's drunken lament, "One Too Many (Freestyle)". So pick your poison, pour a glass and click below for the video and download link.

Wrekonize - "One Too Many (Freestyle)" directed by Roberto "Beans" Granizo

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