Thursday, April 21, 2011

100 Grand "Dont Say Nothing"

He showed up rocking a hoodie, denim jacket and his Beats by Dre headphones. Jessica asked, "are you here for the showcase?" He gave a nod. But 100 Grand was there for more than watching the acts, he wanted to participate in the open mic we had scheduled for the evening. He had seen the info via a tweet and was the first to arrive to ensure his spot on the list.

Once he stepped on the mic, he said his name enough times that you would remember who he was long after his one track. The next day we exchanged a few emails and it dawned on me that back in February I peeped his video for "Carrie". I thought the dude was fresh.

The Queens rapper definitely has a dope sound and so on a late pass I'm sharing some of his music with you. Check out "Dont Say Nothing" plus the "Carrie" video. Who knows, you might see him at an upcoming Independent's Day Showcase rocking a full set. Chea!

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