Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What I'm Watching: Adebisi "F-ck The Dollar"

The homie Adebisi is like family. I've been handling a bit of his digital game and TMB just co-sponsored his latest mixtape The Blaxploitation, which you should DEFINITELY have in your life right now. Ha!

Anyway, Adebisi linked up with SigNif (yes, the NYC by way of Milwaukee emcee) and shot a video last week with Sig getting her John Singleton on by directing, shooting and editing the visuals for "Fuck the Dollar." Put together in just 24 hours, the video is for one of my favorite tracks on The Blaxploitation. The homie is definitely very talented. Look out for more music coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy. Chea!

Adebisi has also been shooting a series of video blogs. You can check those out at www.youtube.com/theblaxlifetv

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