Monday, April 11, 2011

TMB's Throwback Video of the Day ... Tupac feat. Dr. Dre - "California Love"

We're back with another week of TMB's Throwback Video of the Day! How was everybody's weekend? Good? Good.

Moving right along. Now who wouldn't want to listen to this? It's one of Tupac's most popular collaborations and probably one of the BEST collabs of the 90's period. I actually heard this in the car on my way (I know, shocking right?) and I said to myself, "self... I bet the TMB audience could appreciate a Tupac throwback." And so it were. Ha! A talented young man and a soul gone too soon. Perhaps I should've ended the week with this, but there's nothing like a dope joint to get it started. Tupac's HIT featuing Dr. Dre, Roger Troutman (RIP) and the hilarious Chris Tucker, "California" love off of 1996 album All Eyez On Me.

CAN... YOU... DIG IT?! CAN YOU DIG IT, MAAAN?! We can dig it. Enjoy.

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