Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday's Five Random Questions with @DopeScienze

ScienZe is a cool dude.  I first caught him and his music around the time that he released The Phone Tap(e). I immediately thought he had a dope sound and produced quality music. His latest project Hall Pass is among my favorite joints released in the last year. The energy he delivers in his music is fresh.

Anyway, this week he decided to take the challenge. Check out how ScienZe answered five random questions after the jump.

Current City: Brooklyn
How long have you been doing music: As long as I can remember.
Discography: the DOPEness Vol.1 (mixtape), Ode 2 Dilla (mixtape), Her Favorite Subject (mixtape), The Phone Tap(e) (mixtape), Hall Pass
Label: Indie
Describe your music in five words or less: Simply Aesthetic. Powerful. Love. Music.

ThroatChop: Okay, first question. If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

ScienZe: I'd have the power to heal.  Sometimes we all need healing...

ThroatChop: Biggie or 2Pac? Why?

ScienZe: Biggie. BROOKLYN STAND UP. Biggie had a way with words that I still can't explain.  His content was very heavy, profane, and powerful, yet it was bumped by everyone and their mothers ... literally. He just had a way with words that was unmatched (at the time) in my opinion. He had that "IT" factor that made him one of the greatest of all times.  Again... BROOKLYN.

ThroatChop: What's the most embarrassing cd you ever purchased?

ScienZe: The first Britney Spears album in the 7th grade ... yup ... I said it..

ThroatChop: You're leaving the house for a month. What three things do you have to bring with you and why?

ScienZe: Mic, Blackberry, MacBook. Need I say more? The mic is necessary so I can record whenever inspiration hits, the blackberry would keep me in touch, and the MacBook would be necessary for mixing music. 

ThroatChop: What moment in your life would you like to relive and why?

ScienZe: Watching cartoons at the age of 6.  Life was so simple.

  Scienze "Main Attraction" Feat. Sene by ThroatChopU

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