Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Underdogz "Wuttup Doe?"

Listen. To. This. Shit. Immediately.

The Underdogz (Warren Britt and OTiS CLaPP) deliver on their new project, with production mostly from Miles with Mr Vega, Willie Green, Spills, K.O. Beatz, Crown and Apatight lending production to the project. With features from PremRock, Top $ Raz, Ciph Diggy among others and a hilarious interlude from YC The Cynic, The Underdogz deliver a well executed project. I've played Wuttup Doe? straight through three times and have enjoyed it more each time. My favorite cuts on the project include "Ms Thang", "Guess Who", "Speakerwork", "Been A Long Time" and "Demons". Between the production, rhymes and over-all quality of this project, Wuttup Doe? is a winner. Get it or be left out. Enjoy. Chea!

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