Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I'm Watching (4/19/11): G-Swagg, Scienze, C-Plus, Moka Only and El Gant

I'm back on schedule up in this beyotch. Ha! Check out five fresh videos I've bumped into on the Internets or caught via email. Today, you get a solid offering from G-Swagg, Scienze, C-Plus, Moka Only and El Gant. Enjoy the five dope videos after the jump. Chea!

Shouts to former TMB contributor Tha Lady Blogga for hitting me with this new video from G-Swagg off of his upcoming project Diamond In The Dirt. Enjoy.

The homie ScienZe stays putting out quality tracks with videos to match. I respect his work ethic to get his music to the people. I caught "Song In A Glass" a few days back and after sharing on my tumblr page, decided to share here too. Enjoy.

C-Plus is another one of those dope emcees coming out of the Cali scene. Hippie Sabotage hit me with the video (track produced by Hippie Sabotage). I dig it! Check for that All C.I.T.Y. project. In the meantime, enjoy "Do What You Want (Gone)."

I first caught Moka Only by way of the Canadian homies e.d.g.e. and Jeff Spec. We've posted some of Moka's stuff in the past. "Grab Grab Grab" is featured on Moka's Airport 5 project. Enjoy.

"Problems" is a straight head nodding type of track. El-Gant featuring J57 (Brown Bag All Stars) and Tek (Smiff N Wessun) deliver up a hilarious video of a card game gone array. Dope vid. Enjoy.

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