Tuesday, April 26, 2011

iQ Multimedia Presents ... @ULuvTashaRamos - "Feelin' Myself"

If you've even remotely paid a little bit of attention to the posts I've made over the last year, you'll know that I've taken on the philosophy of my fellow blogger-colleague, Q in that "If it doesn't get me excited, it doesn't get posted." I'm always appreciative when I get stuff in my inbox that is exceptional. And I can thank my other blogger-colleague, OC, for this one.

Her name is Natasha Ramos. She's out of Hartford, Connecticut and this girl is going places. If I were her manager, I would be more than proud of representing her. She's got the full package. The looks, the spark, and most importantly, the talent. According to her Myspace Music page, the genres she dabbles in are R&B, Soul and Pop. When listening to her tracks, she is able to blend all three perfectly, which in many cases, is very hard to accomplish. I took the liberty of uploading my favorite five songs of hers ("Feelin' Myself," "Who Needs You," "Midnight Hour," "Deeper," and "Running Out of Love.") to my Bandcamp. One thing I can say about Feelin' Myself is that you'll definitely have to download the entire thing because there's a certain flow and intermingling of the songs that can only be experienced by listening to it from beginning to end.

It would take forever for me to go through the songs I like and give you the blow by blow of why I like them, so my advice is to just download and press play. If I had one criticism, albeit a good criticism, it would be that the songs aren't long enough! It leaves me wanting more. If this is any preview of what her debut album will be like, I look forward to hearing and purchasing it when it comes to fruition.

If you don't know Natasha Ramos, I suggest you get familiar. I don't want 6 months to come and go and she blows up and y'all are like "OMG! Who is this girl and where did she come from? I love her." Ha! This time you don't have an excuse.

Download her full mix tape here and just press play. Enjoy.

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  1. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Agreed! This girl is hawt! her joint "dysfunctional" blows everything playing on the radio right now out the water.. she is destined to fame!